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A nomination for the CEO GLOBAL AWARDS may be submitted by any person who meets the nomination criteria. The names of the nominees and other information about the nominations cannot be revealed. The award process is accomplished through a public call for nominations, followed by a two-step valuation process. See details below;

Process one

All nomination is first reviewed by an independent award screening Committee whose responsibility is to ensure that all nominations meet eligibility criteria using established assessment criteria. Then eligible nominee’s comprehensive list is generated and transmitted to the Award advisory committee for final vetting and confirmation.

Process two

The award advisory committee which is made of top technocrats, civil society groups and the Media with oversight supervision from the GIA advisory board will then evaluate the nominations as provided by the independent award screening committee and finally recommend the award winners to the Central Management Team and the Governing board.

Qualified nominators

Revised Jan, 2021

A nomination is considered valid if it is submitted by a person who falls within one of the following categories:

Members of national assemblies and national governments (cabinet members/ministers) of sovereign states as well as current heads of states

Members of The International Court of Justice in The Hague and The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague

Members of the Executive Committee of the international board of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

University professors, and associate professors of history, social sciences, law, philosophy, theology, and religion; university rectors and university directors (or their equivalents); directors of peace research institutes and foreign policy institutes

Members of the main board of directors or its equivalent of organizations

Current & Former political advisers

The media, Civil society groups and citizens of countries in Africa living anywhere in the world. 

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