Global Initiative For Africa (GIA)

The prime global platform for Partnership, intervention and collaboration for African Entrepreneurs, CEOs, international investors, and policymakers.

The GIA is a not for profit organisation and a product of strategic collaborations committed to the advancement of Africa through knowledge sharing, innovation promotion & technology advancement. It plays host to an annual conference tagged: “The Global initiative for Africa forum”, that brings together leading international Speakers, CEOs, entrepreneurs/captains of industries, Policy Makers, intending investors in different sectors of the African economy; development partners dedicated to both private and public sectors in Africa, and hosts the continent’s top CEOs, international investors, experts and high-level policy makers annually under one roof for the sole purpose of encouraging responsible leadership, promoting partnership and encouraging fair trade between Africa and the rest of the world.

Because of our unique spread, the GLOBAL INITIATIVE FOR AFRICA has an incomparable capacity to mobilize a quality audiences, offer trailblazing content and attract international media coverage. GIA is committed to unlocking Africa’s economic potential by championing private and public sector-led growth, leading discussions around transformational leadership, innovation, public policies and sustainable business models adapted for Africa but fits perfectly with the rest of the world.

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